Daily Activity Monitoring and Intervention in a Smart Home Environment


Damian Kelly, Sean McLoone


Smart homes can enable elders to live safely and independently at home for a greater portion of their lives. Location based smart home components can enrich the life of an elder by providing activity sensitive messages and interventions, or by notifying caregivers and family members of changes in movement patterns over time. These changes can be indicative of a decline in medical condition and reduced ability to live at home. One significant factor inhibiting the deployment of location based smart home components is the high cost associated with their installation. Radio-frequency localisation has experienced significant research effort in the past decade, due to it's excellent accuracy versus hardware cost tradeoff. However, those localisation techniques have been developed for modern office environments where a large number of radio devices are typically available, eg. WiFi. Hence, they do not transfer readily to home environments, particularly in rural areas where WiFi availability is relatively low.

The current stage of this work is aimed at reducing the prohibitive cost of location based smart home components by developing an extremely minimal infrastructure radio-frequency localisation technique. The only hardware necessary to resolve a subject's room-level location is a single Bluetooth enabled computer. Future work will experiment on the influence of location based monitoring and interventions on the ability of an elder to live comfortably and independently at home.

Papers: (2010 - 2012)

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